What is Primespeak?

For the Doctor:

Primespeak is an honest conversational way of speaking with a patient that leads to the patient owning their problem and asking for the most appropriate solution.

For the Team:

Primespeak ensures your team has the skills to guarantee an exceptional PX (Patient's eXperience). Do they like the people? Do they like the dentist? If not... it's game over.

How it works:

Watch it, Practice it, Master it. Every month the dentist and team get together; watch a fun short video; practice some new skills and put them into action.

Meat for your Meetings

Most successful businesses have on-going team training programs, but coming up with fresh material every month can be challenging for the business owner. Primespeak delivers training specifically for dental practices. The meaty content stimulates and 'primes' team interactions...

Why Primespeak?

  • New Patient Exams

    Be a voyeur at real recorded new patient exam scenarios that are interlaced with commentaries so that you'll see how all the Primespeak skills come together.

  • Course Coordinator

    You’ll be assigned your own, personal course coordinator. Pick up the phone and speak directly, or via email. It's like having your coach right there.

  • 30 Day Free Trial

    It couldn't be easier to sample. No need for a credit card, all you’ll have to do is create an account and start learning!

  • Learn By Doing

    We’ve included skills exercises in most of our training sessions, and our ‘actions system’ will help bring your new skills to everyday practice.

  • Systematic Training

    Instead of hoping everybody picks things up by osmosis, our systematic program means your team will improve continually and predictably.

  • New Sessions Monthly

    You'll receive new sessions every month; yours to view at any time. This is a great system for being able to quickly train new staff.

  • Self Paced Learning

    The frequency of training sessions is up to you. Learn at your own pace and embed each new skill properly before moving on to a new topic.

  • Less Stress

    A happy team fires on all cylinders! And when everything clicks, the dentist can focus on the clinical work.

  • Satisfied Patients

    They feel at home with the practice and are really pleased with their decisions!

What Dentists Say

  • Very good blending of all the elements. Avoided the mechanistic “follow the pots” approach and helped make the discussion and role-play far easier to do than when I’ve done it before. Clearly, hours of preparation went into the presentation but also the interactive elements were excellent and crucial to the success of the course.

    — Dr Y. Maidment, Edinburgh
  • PrimeSpeak had excellent content and is an excellent course. PrimeSpeak is the way I want to go for my patients and made me feel a bit anxious about doing it, so I’m going out of my comfort zone! That’s good!

    — Dr Gilly Maidment, Edinburgh
  • Coming from a non-dental background it was easy for me to see ways where I can implement the strategies taught at work and in my personal life. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to be a more effective communicator and results producer.

    — Evangeline Dardouni, New York City, NY
  • I have heard and listened to numerous presentations that were designed to effect better communication between me, my staff, and patients. Although they all had some gems, PrimeSpeak really seems to put it all together. I can't wait to start practicing what the PrimeSpeak team have showed me. Thank you for the renewed energy.

    — Dr David Schwartz, Wyomissing, PA