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The ideal practice

In an ideal world, your patients will ask you for the correct treatment, the treatment that best fits their problem, instead of opting for the cheapest solution available. In this world, both the patient and the dentist are left happy and satisfied with a job well done.

Primespeak will help you achieve this goal, removing the stress of selling treatments from your life as a professional.

Achieve it

Our Primespeak line of products focuses on helping you reach the point where your days practising dentistry will end in satisfaction and fulfilment. Your work will be appreciated and your patients will be happy.

It sounds like a dream right now, but once you're done, you'll make it reality.

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to make sure you won't ever
need a sales pitch

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Method to success

Primespeak enables you to help your patients make informed decisions. You will be focused on educating them about their current condition and the best options available. This will enable them to make informed decisions without feeling pressured into a specific course of action.

This counter-intuitive method will remove the need for sales-like conversations and take the stress of failure out of your patient communication.

The result is a stress-free bond of trust between you and your patients.

Take the plunge

Join the thousands of others touched by Primespeak's philosophy. We've accumulated thousands of positive reviews over the years, a few of which can be found below.

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T his course opened up some avenues in my thought process. Specifically, of how I talk to patients and what is really important to patients in having them feel that their best interests are being met in my office.

Dr Phillip Yancho Birmingham

A fter I took Primespeak, I immediately started using several of the techniques they taught us and I feel like my patients have been a lot happier at our office and they are referring their family and friends here. They're also more willing to accept needed treatment.

Angela Ames Birmingham

P rimespeak provides the foundation of the co-discovery examination and communication that is essential in a fee for service practice as well as an insurance based practice where the dentist wants the very best for their patients.

Dr Charles Varipapa Washington DC

T his program is one of the best I have been to regarding patient acceptance and treatment planning. It was not a bunch of scripts and weird language. It helps to know specific words that you can incorporate into your own verb-age. Nice job!!!!

Dr Nicole Davila Washington DC

I look forward to beginning this program. It will help immensely

Dr Steven Roth Washington DC

V ery unique and effective approach to communicating with patients. Highly recommended. !!!

Dr Steven Lamberg Washington DC

W e are always working on our communication skills. This course provided some specific communication skills to facilitate adult learning and communication. I look forward to see the response when implemented in my practice.

Dr Allison O'Brien Washington DC

T his course will completely change the way I practice dentistry and communicate with patients. The tools and skills Primespeak gave me are ones that I can implement in the office right away. I am excited to be able to go back to work and see treatment acceptance rates go up!

Dr Christine Han Washington DC

P rimespeak provides the connection from your competence to your delivery by helping you communicate effective with the patient to make them want what you can provide.

Dr Richard Marz Washington DC

P rior to the Primespeak course, I felt that my communications skills were adequate, but not exceptional. Now I feel that I will express, with more confidence, patients conditions a d solutions more effectively.

Dr Walter Mazzella Washington DC

P rimespeak has improved my skills as a dentist! It has allowed me the tools necessary to relate to my patients and better serve them. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to be a better dentist!

Dr Jennifer Bartlett Washington DC

A fter 2 days in a Primespeak seminar, I was truly able to implement a few of the concepts in my dental office on Monday and was able to help guide patients to the right treatment for them. It was almost too simple!

Dr Jacob Grapevine Washington DC

I thought everything was presented in most professional way. I enjoyed this program very much.

Dr H Jackier Washington DC

I thought that the Primespeak seminar was outstanding!! Concepts that are easy to implement to have a no pressure situation when presenting treatment plans to patients. I followed the concepts today with a treatment plan presentation and the patient accepted!!! Love it!!!

Dr Dino Mantis Washington DC

P rimespeak takes the pressure out of case presentation. Their system of communicating with and obtaining information from the patient about their concerns is well organized. My job is much easier as I just present the options and the patient makes the decision they prefer.

Dr Kamron Monroe Washington DC

T he course was very entertaining and kept the audience engaged. Although many of the concepts taught we already have implemented in our office, it was refreshing to be reminded. We tend to get 'comfortable' in our ways and it is beneficial to take a course like this and use the information learned to 'tweak' what we do.

Dr Trina Shipley Washington DC

H ighly enjoyed attending the course. Lots of motivation and energy from the speakers. Made the material fun to learn. Easy to implement the concepts into practice. Makes communication with patients 100% easier!

Dr Janice Dileo Washington DC

I have taken a number of dental consulting courses, am fairly well read in business and customer service. I found Primespeak to be beyond excellent. Patrick and Daniel presented their material in a way that was an example of how we should use the course material. The course left me engaged, curious and excited. Well done.

Dr David Liebeskind Washington DC

P rimespeak gave me a different outlook when it came to patient case acceptance.

Dr Michelle Pellerito Birmingham

I t was an amazing course I feel I could easily implement into our practice.

Dr Cayley Nichols Birmingham

T hought this was a great opportunity for the entire office to attend and be a part of. Wonderful seminar!

Dr adelle abouarrage Birmingham

T his was an excellent program, communication and understanding with patients will most definitely improve.

Shelby Bunge Birmingham

I feel like our office over all took a lot of great useful information home to use with our patients

Heidi Jenkins Birmingham

T he course delivered exceptionally beneficial information in a very easy to listen to style. The great structure allows participants to easily follow along for maximum benefit.

Dr Coramarie Clark

T his will definitely raise the level of the office communications.

Dr Amy Gentner Birmingham

A paradigm shift in the way we approach new patients and the most effective communication tools I've ever seen!

Dr Randall Sandlin Decatur

H aving taken many years worth of management classes for the dental office and learning many 'scripts', I found PrimeSpeak's method of honesty and education to feel much more natural for the patient and practitioner. It is a relaxing method of communication that is non-confrontational and information-based. I think it gets back to the basics of teaching the patient what they need to know to make an informed decision and allowing them the right and freedom to choose what's best for them at that time. After all, that's what we're supposed to do.

Kim Schneider Boulder

T his is my second time taking PrimeSpeak1. It is so important to me to take these principles and apply them to my practice and my life, that I felt it necessary to retake the class and bring my wife (who is also my office manager). I have always thought of myself as a patient-centered dentist, but PrimeSpeak is giving me the skills to help my patients and empower them to make appropriate decisions regarding their dental health.

Dr Todd Cochran Alta Loma, CA

P rimeSpeak has defined a new approach to patient communications that will greatly improve our practice. Our team leaders and the doctors can now speak the same language to patients in such a way that gives the patients the best way to make a dental decision. We are excited to return to our office and practice "primespeaking".

Dr Chris Winterholler Scottsdale, Arizona

P rimeSpeak has provided our team with many new approaches to the things we already apply in our practice. Thank you for the creative thinking and a fresh twist.

Kelly Runzel Simpsonville, SC

T his course has really made me think about how I present myself to my guests. It is making me evaluate how I interact with all people, let alone my guests. I think PrimeSpeak is going to be a lifelong learning process. Thanks for the introduction into a new way of communicating.

Dr Amy Farmer Boulder, CO

P rimeSpeak has given me the opportunity to open the communication gates and let the treatment plan conversation flow in the direction of where the patient and I both want it to go while eliminating the pressure throughout.

Dr Tom deBruin Reno, NV

I wish I knew this course information 20 years ago. How much different my practice would be today. It's all part of the journey, I suppose. You have filled in many of the gaps for me and my team. We will now be better able to serve our patients by being able to better utilize the clinical skills we have learned at Primespeak and improving the lives of our patients. We have learned a process whereby patients can comfortably see the condition of their own oral health the same way as my team and I view it, and be comfortable in what can be done to improve the condition or problems which are present.

Dr Scott Quandt Green Bay, WI

T he appeal of PrimeSpeak to me is the absence of 'selling' - and, although I will have to practice to become skilled at it, the process feels right. It is a nice, gentle, honest approach to patient education and decision making. In two words:win-win.

Dr Grant Sr Ritcher Norman, OK

H aving nearly completed the initial three days of PrimeSpeak, I am feeling both excited and a bit overwhelmed. This course is loaded with so much information that considerable time and thought are required to put this powerful information into practice. I feel confident that new patients with complex dental issues will be much better served in my office as a result of this information, and my business will prosper as a result. Thank you to all our colleagues from down under!

Dr Richard Hadler Hillsborough

I can easily say that this is the best course on dental communication that I have ever taken... I am certain that it will totally revolutionize the way that I practice. In fact, I am rewriting all of my forms as I speak. For the hundreds of dentists that have taken the "Niche Practice" course, Prime Speak is a perfect companion to this concept of practice. Don't delay!

Dr Brad Durham

B rilliant! Totally met my expectations about case acceptance and patient communication. Techniques will also be helpful in all relationships in my life! What an eye opener and very refreshing.

Candace Kemp Beaumont, Texas

L earning how to do full mouth dentistry is easy at LVI. PrimeSpeak makes it just as easy to get patients to say yes. You can’t have one without the other!

Dr Jan Neuhaus New York City, New York

P rimeSpeak is a wonderful form of communication with the patient to present an ideal treatment without taking the stress or pressure of being too much of a salesperson. Thank you!

Dr Rania Haddad Eagle Point, Oregon

F ull mouth consults are no longer stressful, they're fun. I feel like an artist just doing the consults. And I get to skip around the office after closing the case and high five the team.

Dr Keith Ogawa Eagle Point, Oregon